The Art of Forgiveness is a multi-media art project started by Crystal Ellefsen.

It started with a song, then grew into a concept for a community art project which lead to a Kickstarter Campaign, successfully funded in December 2013.  Read more below from the explanation on the Kickstarter project.

You can also check out the FAQ for more information.

Hi. My name is Crystal.

I’m on a journey of forgiveness and it’s been hard and beautiful and painful and meaningful. I want to share that journey with you, hear about your story, and then create something meaningful together out of our experiences of choosing to forgive.

For me, there is an important connection between the act of forgiving and the act of creating. Two years ago, I wrote a song about forgiveness called, “You Owe No Debt to Me.” I’ve had the idea to do a community project about forgiveness for over a year now and have been thinking, dreaming and planning the best way to accomplish it. Now, I’m ready to make it happen!

I want you to contribute your art and photos that depict statements of forgiveness and then I’m going to make a music video and book from all these contributions. Then I’m going to continue spreading the word and sharing submissions to inspire and encourage people to creatively share their own experiences of forgiveness.

Read more on the Kickstarter project page