I forgive myself for trying to be perfect

camille-forgive-pinterestWhen Crystal shared her vision for “The Art of Forgiveness” Project, I knew that I simply must participate. I have long been a believer that practicing forgiveness is an essential skill for living a free and happy life. Then she asked me to publicly share a forgiveness statement. Huh. Who was on the forgiveness procrastination list, I wonder?

Mom: Forgave her for the shortcomings I perceived in her years ago.

Stepdad: Same, same.

And so it continued all the way down the list of anyone I had at anytime resented, been hurt by, or otherwise left a bad taste in my mouth.

Because I KNEW and I knew that I knew that practicing un-forgiveness was akin to eating poison and expecting the other person to die. I also knew that from a spiritual perspective, everyone comes perfectly into our lives to teach us whatever lessons our souls need to learn for growth and evolution.

And then it hit me: I had never truly forgiven myself.

I think part of the reason forgiving other people always came (relatively) easy for me was because I needed to be perfect. Be the “bigger” person. Do the right thing. Moral. Upright. In good standing. When I really looked at it, I almost collapsed under the weight I’d been heaping on myself for pretty much my entire life: Let others off the hook, but keep my firmly on.

So my declaration today is this:

“Camille, I forgive you for trying so hard to be perfect. For overworking, under-receiving, for setting totally unrealistic standards for yourself that you would NEVER hold other people to. I forgive you. And more than that, I love you and accept you exactly as you are, regardless of whether you ever get anything “perfect” every again. I now give you permission to be free and happy and leave perfection to God, puppies, flowers, bacon, sunsets and the ocean.”

Camille Macres is the principle of The School of Inner Beauty, the author of the cookbook Paleogasm, and the host of the popular podcast, Paleo, Love & Transformation

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